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See thyself in …

November 23, 2011

See thyself in a fog,

Pea soup thick, chokingly so, and hanging heavy on your heart.

Away from you, your knight cuts into it, searching for you, seeking your hand.

In the distance you hear yonder knight, hoping

That he might reach out and claim his prize. And in that moment

He is gone. The dark returns, the fog thickens until the dark

Envelopes you, totally ensconcing your very being.

You cry out, yet that cry is in vain, as the echo falls only on

Your ears. The silence now befalls you, the utter and complete

Silence. In the darkness, the devils play appears.

Ghouls and ghastlies occupy your peripheral,

Your mind moves in on itself only offering

Demons and pain. Until. The dark is broken, your dream lifted

Into another parallel, as if the trauma has been

Engulfed by another dimension. Through that dark,

Offers itself a light, a light that transpires to carry all

Your hope and intention. As it brightens, so do you, as a shadow appears afore you, you

Gasp. For in not knowing of its shape and demeanour might you

Still fear its apparel. ‘Do not fear me…for I am your Angel…’

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